About Us

Based in Bendigo, Victoria – we are 100% locally owned and operated skin and laser built on transparency, honesty and integrity.

We are a professional skin and laser clinic specialising in skin and laser treatments for the face and body. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products and treatments with exceptional customer service and care.

Where did it all begin?

Founded 7+ years ago by Jacqui and Ray, our beginnings were humble. We started off in a large, old, run-down building in the back streets of Golden Square. We leased one of two small rooms within a Pilates studio. There was a table, a chair, and a portable massage bed. The property itself was surrounded by barbed-wire fences. Looking back now, it probably wasn’t the best choice of location but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

Fast forward to today and we’ve come a long way. Now with our own large, multi-room spacious suite located within Bendigo Day Surgery, stocking a large range of skincare products from brands like SkinCeuticals, skinbetter science and DermaCeutic – just to name a few.

We come a long way… and there is still much more to come!

What we do.

Although we started the business as a full-service ‘beauty salon’, the direction quickly changed. A driving factor and motivator for this change was the lack of any real ‘education’ that was being provided to clients that were seeking help with their skin.

You’d visit a skin clinic and be prescribed a bunch of products and treatments without any real reason as to why. Why these treatments; why these products? How do they work? Why does my skin need them? Why is my skin reacting the way it is? So many why’s… so few answers!

Adding to that was the sheer amount fear mongering within the industry – from ‘natural is better’ to ‘toxic skincare ingredients’ to generally false and misleading information that was being used to scare people into buying unnecessary treatments and products.

How we do it.

There is so much misleading information out there. From ridiculous marketing claims made by product manufacturers, to so called skin and laser ‘experts’ that don’t even know the difference between “photosynthesising” and “photosensitising”.

You can think of it as the wild-west, but without the sheriff!

We don’t waste time on fads, trends and gimmicks. We are continually searching the globe and go to great lengths to ensure you get the very best treatments and products available.

Our training and education is second to none! In fact, before our clinicians will even be allowed to touch a client, they will need to go through thorough and in-depth training. They will need to demonstrate their knowledge and competence at a high level and continue to upskill and stay up to date.

Why choose us?

There are so many skin clinics – there is certainly no shortage when it comes to choice. What there is a shortage of is highly qualified and competent skin experts that actually know what they are doing. If there is one thing we can guarantee you above all else – this is where we excel.

We invite to visit us and perhaps even undergo and complimentary skin consultation. There is no obligation to commit to any treatments or products – and we will never try to ‘sell’ or ‘push’ anything onto you. You’ll obviously get the professional advice and recommendations you came to us for, but if you don’t feel confident in us or what we have to offer, we aren’t going to try and make you stay.

You’re not just another number to us. We respect you as an individual, we respect your time, and we value your business – which is why all of our solutions are tailored and developed specifically for you.