Considering Laser? Choose your provider carefully!

Skin and laser clinics are everywhere. You need to be really careful who you choose to perform your laser treatments. If you choose wrong, the best case is simply lack of results and a waste of money. Worst case – serious and severe consequences! Below you’ll find a more information on what to look out […]

Dermaceutic TCA Peels

We have a range of TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) peeling solutions available as an alternative to your standard and more common AHA/BHA (Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acid) peels. TCA offers similar benefits and can target many of the same skin concerns as AHA/BHA peels, however TCA penetrates deeper and is far more effective and efficient at […]

Toothpaste is now toxic… apparently!

Recently we came across something that can only really be described as insanely absurd. Apparently, we are now filling our mouths with the same toxins found in rat poison and toilet cleaner. Can you believe it? Let me say it again… ‘rat poison’ and ‘toilet cleaner’. You can’t make this stuff up! Although it’s not […]

Chemical Free. There is no such thing!

Unfortunately, there are many brands that will try and convince you otherwise… but there is simply no such thing as ‘chemical free’ skincare. In fact, there is no such thing as ‘chemical free’. Unless you’re being sold an empty bottle, your product contains chemicals. Even if it’s the most natural, organic product on the planet, […]

Parabens – They are safe, and very effective preservatives!

Gel Cream in Hands

Parabens are preservatives and you’ll find them in all sorts of personal care products from skin care, to hair care, medications and many more. They do an extremely good job at killing both the fungi and bacteria that can find its way into your products. So, what caused such hate of Parabens? Why does everything […]

Everything is a Chemical

Although the fear mongering and scare tactics of the “green beauty” and “clean beauty” groups of the world would have you believe otherwise – the fact is… ‘everything’ is a chemical. ‘Chemophobia’ is defined as having an irrational fear of chemicals. It’s a huge issue – especially in relation to the ingredients (chemicals) found in […]

Laser Hair Removal – are you thinking about it?

Cutera Excel HR

Thinking about undergoing Laser Hair Removal treatments? Had treatments in the past but got limited or no results? Not sure where to go or who to trust? Hopefully we can provide some guidance and reassurance. First of all, Laser Hair Removal can be performed safely and effectively all year round. During the summer months some […]