Looking for ‘bespoke’ skincare and treatments? Here’s what to look out for!


The term ‘bespoke’ means “made for a particular customer or client.” Be very careful of clinics using the term ‘bespoke’ as a marketing ploy. You could end up paying for something you’re not really getting.

Bespoke treatments have become very popular over the past couple of years and we are confident that popularity will continue to rise. More than ever, customers just like you are seeking out treatments and products that are personalised, tailored, and customised to your specific needs – and you should be considering your skin and body is very different to someone else’s. One size fits all, off the shelf solutions are old news.

Welcome to the future of skincare!

Customers want something specifically for themselves. Truly bespoke treatments and products are generally going to be much better for you – providing both better ‘bang for buck’ and overall better results due to the highly targeted nature of them. You’ll get everything you actually need, and nothing you don’t.

While there are some clinics out there that can offer ‘truly’ bespoke solutions, many are using the term ‘bespoke’ as a marketing ploy. These clinics are still offering the same treatments and products as always but in an attempt to catch up to the rest of us, they’re starting to market their own conventional, one size fits all, off the shelf solutions as ‘bespoke’ when in actual fact, there is nothing about them that is ‘bespoke’.

For example, claims like “We create ‘bespoke’ treatment plans just for you.” “Delivering bespoke home care routines.” “Your facial will be 100% bespoke.”

These claims can be very misleading and deceptive. Advising you to come in every 4 weeks and someone else every 6 weeks is NOT bespoke. Giving you 4 products and someone else 6 products is NOT bespoke. Giving you 4 products and someone else 4 different products is NOT bespoke. Giving you an Enzyme treatment and someone else a peel is NOT bespoke. This is normal, everyday skincare. It’s a one size fits all approach regardless of which way you try and swing it. Adding the word ‘bespoke’ in there doesn’t automatically make it any better for you.

What these clinics are hoping is that you simply won’t catch on. That you won’t know that the chemical peel or enzyme facial they are performing on you is the exact same one they just performed on the client before you. And in all honesty, how would you really know? But we are here to make sure that if a clinic tells you they are performing bespoke treatments and offering bespoke skincare products – you get “exactly” that!

In most cases, they aren’t creating your skin treatments/facials on the fly because they don’t have the ability to do so. They don’t have the individual ingredients for one – they only have a few pre-made products sitting on the shelf – many of which have labels like Dry, Oily and Combination on the bottle. The treatments themselves will likely follow a specific protocol (most do) and the home care products are all premade. They are certainly not making your skincare for you. When was the last time you seen your therapist grab a bunch of individual ingredients and combine them together to create a unique, 100% tailored solution just for you? The answer is likely to be… never.

It’s not ‘bespoke’. It’s not being made for a specific client or specific skin concern or condition. It’s not created on the fly, just for you, using individual ingredients that specifically target your skin concerns and addresses your own unique skin requirements. They will most certainly try and convince you otherwise.

While some clinics may have access to a slightly bigger range of products, the protocols and facial recipes will be the same (or very similar) for each customer because they simply don’t have the means to create anything else.

What is ‘true’ bespoke? What should you be looking for if you want a truly ‘bespoke’ experience?

Truly bespoke treatments and products are something few clinics (perhaps none) in the Bendigo area are able to perform – and especially not to the extent that we can. We’ve done our research! So first and foremost, when you see the word “bespoke” mentioned in another clinics marketing, use caution – especially in and around the Bendigo area.

We have access to over 40+ individual ingredients and we compound/mix these together for you on the fly, on the day, depending on your specific skin condition and skin concerns. We aren’t using pre-made products with labels like Oily, Dry and Combination on them. We’re creating your skincare right here – and you can watch us do it. This applies not only to in clinic treatments but also your home care such as cleansers, moisturisers and serums. All truly bespoke. All made ‘specifically’ for you!

So ask your clinic and/or therapist these questions next time you visit them:

  1. Are the products I’m buying today being ‘created’ just for me?
  2. Can I watch you create them? (this should involve mixing several ingredients into a single product).

If they can’t answer ‘yes’ to both of those questions, you’re not getting bespoke. You’re buying into deceptive marketing.

Is there anything wrong with skincare and treatments that are not bespoke?

Absolutely not! For some customers a simple off the shelf solution is all that’s needed – and that’s perfectly fine. Providing the ingredients within those products are suitable for your skin type and condition, good results should be gained. There are some amazing, pre-made products out there and we have no issues with these except when false claims are being made about them.

Know what you are really buying into. If you’re expecting bespoke – then make sure you’re really getting it. Don’t accept anything less. If you’re visiting a clinic for bespoke treatments and skincare (as they’ve claimed) then make sure they are delivering on that claim and not just handing you something pre-made, off the shelf – like the person just before you also received. Get them to show you how they made it and why they’ve chosen the specific ingredients they did.