Botox & Dermal Fillers – Things to Consider

Dermal Fillers - Things to Consider

Like most days, we consult with a lot of clients about their skin. Today we consulted with a client that only yesterday had received dermal fillers and presented with light bruising.

Perhaps the most shocking part? They had absolutely no clue that bruising was a potential side-effect, nor did they receive any other post care information.

So we thought this would be a timely reminder to anyone undergoing cosmetic injections or considering it to really do their homework.

Our advice…

Ideally, you’ll want to see a cosmetic Doctor or Dermatologist; or a nurse operating under the supervision of an ‘onsite’ Doctor.

It’s important to note that Doctors do not have to be on site for the procedures – a legal loophole many have scooted around by using things like Skype and Face Time to consult with Doctors in other locations (that are not onsite). It’s a legal loophole that many medical professionals want to see closed – and with good reason.

This loophole has unfortunately lead to a ‘medical procedure’ being performed in non-medical environments in a drive-through like fashion which has unfortunately resulted in outcomes similar to our client – and much, much worse mind you!

Cosmetic injections like fillers and botox are very popular and readily available but they are not something you should be taking lightly.

Some good references to get you started…
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