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Common ‘Questions & Answers’ about Laser and Laser Based Treatments

Laser based treatments are certainly one of our most popular, and it’s not hard to imagine why considering how great the results are! There are also a lot of laser based treatment available, including hair removal, pigment removal, vascular/vein removal, Laser Genesis skin rejuvenation, ablative skin resurfacing, and the list goes on. But there are […]

Prior to Laser/IPL Pigment Removal…

Pigmented Lesions

Prior to undergoing any Laser/IPL Pigment Removal, there is an “extremely” important step you should “never” miss! Your Laser/IPL therapist should have informed you of it but if they didn’t, let’s just say they have absolutely no business whatsoever performing the treatment. It’s a clear indication and very evident that they have had next to […]