Unfortunately, there are many brands that will try and convince you otherwise… but there is simply no such thing as ‘chemical free’ skincare.

In fact, there is no such thing as ‘chemical free’.

Unless you’re being sold an empty bottle, your product contains chemicals. Even if it’s the most natural, organic product on the planet, it still contains lots, and lots of chemicals.

But it says ‘chemical free’ on the bottle?

We know. Misleading, right! Welcome to the world of fear based marketing (aka. fear mongering) – a very common trend in the world of cosmetics.

This is nothing more than a marketing tactic. When you hear or see the word ‘chemical’ you generally associate that with something bad. Marketers know this, so by placing the words ‘chemical free’ on the bottle, you are ‘tricked’ into thinking that you’re buying a better, safer product. They’re exploiting human emotions in an attempt to sell a product.

The word ‘chemical’ is just another name for ‘ingredient’, basically.

Vitamin A is a chemical. Vitamin C is a chemical. Water is a chemical.

Products labelled as ‘chemical free’ are quite literally no different to any other product. It’s purely marketing.

We like our skincare products filled with all sorts of chemicals (and so should you) including Vitamin A’s, B’s, C’s and more because it’s those chemicals that encourage positive change in the skin and body. Without said chemicals, there can be no change.

‘Chemical free’ labelling is fear mongering – plain and simple.

Buy what you love, love what you buy.