Cleansing – Perhaps the Most Important Step

Cleansing - First Step to Skin Health

What’s one of the best ways, and perhaps the key to fresh, clean, glowing and healthy skin?


We’re serious. It’s perhaps the most important step in your skincare routine and the foundation of which any good skincare routine should be built on. If you can’t get the basics right, then you might as well forget the rest.

Once you’ve got the basics right, you can then move on to providing the skin with all the quality ingredients it needs to thrive. You could say that the skin will in some ways self-clean, self-manage and look after itself. Of course, this doesn’t happen just by slapping on a few random products everyday.

Is your skin tight and perhaps somewhat uncomfortable after cleansing? Then you could be doing it very wrong!

Cleansing will (should) remove necessary impurities while leaving your skin barrier in tact and functioning correctly. Your skin is not meant to be ‘squeaky‘ clean – contrary to popular belief. This common misconception only leads down one path – the path of disaster.

Corneotherapy principles

It’s not uncommon at all for modalities like micro-dermabrasion to be used for a so called “freshen up” or “quick clean out”. It’s evident in the disgusting state of the micro pad after the treatment that something is not quite right and that the client hasn’t been given quality advice (if any).

To an untrained therapist and especially to a client, it looks like you’ve done something great for the skin. Yes, you’ve ‘cleaned’ it out but you’ve also severely disrupted and interfered with a delicate and complex ecosystem. This in turn can lead to Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) and dehydrated skin, dry skin (yes, the two are different), blemishes, dullness, tightness, textural irregularities and list goes on.

Because it looks like you’ve done something great for your skin, you’ll be back in salon next month for another micro – further adding insult to injury.

You must remember that the outer most layer of skin – the Stratum Corneum – the one you are cleansing (or destroying with ablative modalities) is designed for protection and helps to regulate the layers below it. It’s designed to keep moisture in and environmental toxins and impurities out. Microbiome, sebaceous secretions, keratinised cornefied cells, lamellar lipids, ceramides, cholesterols – and this is just scratching the surface! This is just some of what you’re playing with – so it needs to be treated with respect at all times.

If you’re not cleansing correctly, using poor quality products – especially makeup – and not getting expert advice about your skin, then treatments like micro-dermabrasion will always provide the ‘illusion’ that you’ve done something great for your skin. We think that’s obvious as to why.

A good cleanser combined with quality, expert advice will ensure your skin doesn’t need to be assaulted in order to get results.

So go back to basics! Drop everything else for now and focus on the foundations. Get your cleansing right and build up from there (if and when necessary).

All those ‘active’ ingredients mean nothing without a solid foundation.