Skin and laser clinics are everywhere. You need to be really careful who you choose to perform your laser treatments. If you choose wrong, the best case is simply lack of results and a waste of money.

Worst case – serious and severe consequences!

Below you’ll find a more information on what to look out for.

Laser based treatments are not regulated in Victoria.

Unlike many other states in Australia, there is no regulation on who can and can’t perform laser and IPL based treatments in Victoria. It’s quite literally a ‘free for all’.

This means “anyone” (literally, anyone) can use a laser device regardless of skill level, skin knowledge or experience. You need to make sure the individual performing your treatments has the relevant training and is well qualified to perform the treatments you want.

Experience counts! We are laser specialists.

We’ve been performing laser and IPL treatments for the best part of 15+ years. So not only do we have the formal qualifications, we’ve for the real-world experience to back up those qualifications. Many clinicians do not.

We you visit us, you can rest easy knowing you’re in safe hands, and you’re much more likely to get results you seek.

All our clinicians are qualified Dermal Therapists (at minimum) and hold nationally recognised laser safety and advanced laser certifications endorsed by the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery.

Thorough consultations and fully informed.

Have you ever walked into a clinic and before any consultation has been performed, the therapist has the laser in their hands? The chances are… you have!

Many clinics will happily perform treatments without a consult (or a very poor consult), no pre or post care, no informed consent forms, and won’t bother to even mention the serious and often permanent adverse side-effects associated with the treatments.

If your current provider doesn’t provide this information to you, they are not a reputable provider and should probably be avoided.

Honesty and transparency.

When you visit us, you’ll receive straight up, no-nonsense, and transparent advice.

Our business is built on integrity and we’re not going to perform a treatment on you that we know might compromise or jeopardise that integrity just to make a quick buck.

If we believe you’ll be better served elsewhere, we won’t hesitate to refer you on.

World-class equipment. No cheap imports!

We invest in the best, highest quality world-class devices like from companies such as Cutera. This ensures safe, consistent results are achieved. Our equipment is serviced at regular intervals to ensure consistent performance.

Many clinics use cheap imports that can not only compromise your safety, but also the results you get.

Pricing reflects quality, not quantity!

We are not the cheapest provider. Our pricing reflects the quality of the service you’ll receive, and the results you can expect. Our training, education, the cost of the device, it’s ongoing service and maintenance are just some of the many factors that determine our treatment pricing.

When looking for a provider – pay close attention to pricing. While we all love a good deal, pricing is one indicator that you can use to determine whether shortcuts are being taken.

While treatments can be expensive – it’s much more expensive to fix a mistake – and some mistakes can’t easily be fixed.