Dermapen – risk of injury or infection

“Our industry needs to be legitimate and serious.”

Joern Kluge, Founder and CEO of MT.DERM said this several months ago and he is 100% spot on. When he said this, he was referring to the fake certification of the Dermapen 4 Needle Cartridge. The cartridge claims to be a medical product evident by the CE0123 mark on the packaging.


This is actually quite infuriating because we have clients visiting us asking for Dermapen but when we tell them we use something different, they end up going elsewhere. We’ve even had one client pick up our EXCEED brochure and say “Oh, you offer Dermapen” – the headline on the brochure was “Collagen Induction Therapy”. Although the device pictured looked nothing like Dermapen, they automatically associated “Collagen Induction Therapy” with Dermapen.

That is the true power of marketing right there.

Today, we come across another article by the UK Government – Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA):

“Microneedling pens: Dermapen 3 and Dermapen Cryo Sterile single use needle cartridge tips for: Dermapen 3 – risk of injury or infection (MDA/2019/028)”

“Manufactured by Equipmed and other trading names (listed in the ‘Manufacturer contacts’ section), distributed in the UK by Naturastudios. Do not use affected devices as they have been manufactured to unknown standards and their safety cannot be verified.”

While the MHRA are targeting the Dermapen 3, this also applies to the Dermapen 4 as per the Tuev website – list of fake certifications.

This is one of the reasons we ‘refuse’ to bring in products based solely on popularity, marketing hype and trends. It has absolutely nothing to do with quality of the device.

Some of the products we use and sell you’ve probably never heard of – including Cell Charge, epi nouvelle and EXCEED – our medical micro-needling device (with no fake certifications mind you). But they are all what we consider best in class based on countless hours of research. Nothing we could find compares to date.

EXCEED wasn’t purchased based on marketing hype or a trend – hell, we didn’t even know it existed until by chance we found it on the TGA website (while researching SkinPen mind you – another incredible microneedling device).

There needs to be due diligence before buying these devices (and this applies to all products, devices and machines). We have a responsibility as clinic owners to our clients to ensure that what we are offering is “legitimate and serious” – and this means confirming all the relevant marks and certifications are in fact “real”. There should be no assumptions. Unfortunately, marketing hype still plays a ‘major’ part in the purchase for a lot of clinics.

Marketing hype, trends and fads have absolutely NO bearing on quality. Just because it might be perceived as a market leader, doesn’t mean the technology is better.

Thank you to Andy Millard – Facialist for bringing this to our attention. We aren’t the only ones that have been ‘stung’ by Dermapen’s far reaching marketing it would seen.