Dry skin? Flaky skin? Do not exfoliate or peel it!

dry skin flaky skin do not exfoliate

Dry skin and/or flaky skin is more often than not related to an impaired skin barrier. An impaired skin barrier can often be attributed to over-exfoliation (eg. peeling or modalities like microdermabrasion) combined with poor quality products containing barrier impairing ingredients, and can even be linked to internal imbalances related to smoking, alcohol, lack of hydration and poor nutrition.

For this reason, dry/flaky skin is NOT a queue to exfoliate or peel. It’s a queue to seek professional help.

We understand the instant gratification you may get from flawless looking skin for a few days (if that) by pursuing peels and micros, but it does not ‘treat’ the concern. If anything, you’re highly likely to makes things worse.

Seeing a skin expert is paramount if you would like to ‘treat’ the concern rather than just suppress or hide it.

  • Dry skin? Peel it!
  • Acne? Peel it!
  • Breakouts? Peel it!
  • Pigmentation? Yep, peel that too!

We hear and see it all the time. In fact, we often treat clients that have been advised to exfoliate with scrubs, acids and mitts as much as 2-3 times a week and in some cases, as often as everyday!

To be quite frank – it’s bloody ridiculous and downright stupid advice!

Your skin has its own exfoliation schedule. If your skin is having trouble self-exfoliating, then there are underlying issues that need to be addressed. Your skin isn’t thankful for the constant abuse. Not to mention that the layer you’re destroying is actually designed to protect you.

When your skin is in a true state of health/homeostasis, you will very rarely need anything more then a good cleanser. No scrubs, no peels, no micros. Imagine the time and money you could save.

Be mindful of flash sales and those offering free consultations. They are often cheap and free for a reason.

Cheap doesn’t get you quality, and quality doesn’t come cheap!

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