Although the fear mongering and scare tactics of the “green beauty” and “clean beauty” groups of the world would have you believe otherwise – the fact is… ‘everything’ is a chemical.

‘Chemophobia’ is defined as having an irrational fear of chemicals. It’s a huge issue – especially in relation to the ingredients (chemicals) found in your cosmetic products.

This irrational fear is driven by companies and individuals peddling misleading information to sell their “all natural”, “clean”, “green”, “low-tox”, “non-toxic” alternatives that they “claim” are much better and safer for you.

You’re essentially being exploited.

They are using fear-based marketing tactics to sell their products. It’s very easy to do if you believe the alternatives may cause you harm.

Let’s be clear – all cosmetic products ‘must’ be safe as sold. They cannot intentionally and/or knowingly cause you harm. There are strict regulations in place to help prevent this. Not to mention it would be a very poor business model.

There is nothing wrong with using “natural based” alternatives – but you need to do it for the right reasons – not because you’ve been scared into thinking the alternatives will cause you harm.

‘Everything’ is a chemical. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the liquids we drink. Yes, even the most all-natural, organic product is loaded with chemicals.

Every chemical can be toxic – including water. However, the dose is what makes the poison (toxicity).

Even simple, everyday chemicals which we consume or come into contact with on a daily basis and often take for granted have the potential to be toxic and possibly fatal under the right circumstances.

Terms such as chemical free, non-toxic, low-tox, clean, all natural and so on are nothing more than fear mongering – often combined with misleading and deceptive claims.

Don’t fall for it!

Banana Chemicals