We get asked this question a lot – and it’s highly dependent on you (the individual). We can provide you with a guide but for personalised advice, please book in for a laser consultation and we can tailor the advice specifically to you.

First of all – if you’ve been told you’ll need 10+ treatments before you’ll see ~80% reduction or more (reach a maintenance stage), then we strongly suggest you go elsewhere. It should never take this long!

The above advice is an indication the person treating you doesn’t know what they are doing.

Most people should see a “significant” reduction after 2-3~ treatments. This will be where you begin your maintenance treatments.

Some people may require an additional 1-3~ treatments – but this is largely the minority and it’s usually because there are underlying medical, genetic, or other reasons.

Approx. 95% of our clients reach a maintenance stage within 2-6 treatments. There are “0very” few that will require more than that.

How often do I need maintenance treatments?

Maintenance treatments will be required around 2-3 times per year. Anything more and you’re probably not at “maintenance” yet.

How can I tell laser is working for me?

If you do not see a good reduction after the first 2 treatments, something is not right. It’s probably worth discussing with your treating therapist – try and get some answers. It may even pay to seek advice from another clinic.

Another indication that could indicate therapist lack of knowledge is if you’re being treated every 4 weeks. When it comes to laser hair removal, more treatments does not equal better or faster results.

As always, we are happy to help and answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us at any time.