We get asked this question a lot – and it’s highly dependent on you (the individual). We can provide you with a great guide but for personalised advice, please book a consultation and we can tailor the advice specifically to you.

First of all – if you’ve been told you’ll need 10+ treatments before you see ~80% or more reduction (reach a maintenance stage), go elsewhere! Don’t think about it anymore – just go elsewhere! This advice is clear evidence the person treating you doesn’t know what they are doing.

Most people should see a “significant” reduction after only 2-3~ treatments. This will be where you begin your maintenance.

Some people may require an additional 1-3~ treatments – but we are now moving into the minority that may have an underlying medical, genetic, or other condition/reason(s) contributing to excess hair growth.

Approx. 95% of people should reach a maintenance stage within 2-6 treatments (assuming you’re being treated by a laser specialist that knows what they’re doing). There are “very” few people that will require more than that.

How often do I need maintenance treatments?

Maintenance treatments may be required around 2-3 times per year.

How can I tell if laser is working for me?

If you do not see a good reduction after the first 2 treatments, something is not right. Discuss this with your therapist and get some answers as to why. If there is still no reduction after the 3rd, and you haven’t been given a good explanation as to why, it’s probably best to seek advice and treatments elsewhere.

Remember – laser/IPL is unregulated and anyone, regardless of knowledge, skill or expertise can operate a device. This means there is a high risk of lack of results, poor/incorrect advice, and worse – serious complications!

If you’ve got any specific questions, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.