Introducing AnteAGE

AnteAGE Growth Factor Stem Cell Serum and Accelerator

This is a product we’ve been eyeing off for quite some time – and it really doesn’t get much more advanced than this.

AnteAGE products are powered by the proteins (growth factors and cytokines) harvested from the adult human Bone Marrow Stem Cells (BMSC) from paid, extremely healthy, volunteer donors.

The BMSC is the master healing cell in the entire human body and it’s responsible for ALL controlled healing from the moment we’re born until the day we die. It is the only cell that will NATURALLY release a powerful payload of pro-healing, regenerative, and ANTI-INFLAMMATORY proteins. This is its predetermined genetic destiny!

These can have a significantly huge impact on your skin – helping to bring it back to a more youthful state.

In comparison to Fibroblast Cells which are mighty in their ability to produce collagen, they do NOT produce a lot of growth factors, and the ones they do produce tend to lean inflammatory. This is 20+ year old “first generation” growth factor technology.

Adipose Stem Cells do produce a ton of growth factors, but they’re predominantly INFLAMMATORY, plus they release metabolically active hormones linked heavily to disease. The risks and safety concerns have not been fully elucidated, but a growing body of scientists (globally) are raising red flags.

What is the difference between human and plant stem cells?

Stay tuned! Will we provide more information on this topic soon.

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