dermaviduals now available in Bendigo

dermaviduals liposome

It is with great pleasure and quite a lot of excitement that we would like to formally announce the arrival of dermaviduals skincare into our clinic.

We’ve been searching for another skincare line that can help extend on what we already offer. It’s taken over 6 months and the journey has been tough yet very rewarding. We’ve learnt a lot!

An incredible amount of research went into this to ensure it would not only complement and enhance what we already offer, but that it fit into our clinics mission and vision of achieving ‘real’, healthy skin – effectively and efficiently – without compromising the health and integrity of the skin.

Essentially, it needed to be ‘real’ skincare. Not just another big name on a bottle. Not another fad or trend. And certainly not something with some over-rated celebrity endorsing it.

The task to find a skin care line of this nature highlighted for us just how important it is to ‘do your research’. We met with a couple of skincare representatives and were blown away with the sales and marketing tactics employed to try and get us to sign on the dotted line. The same conventional, dated techniques and methods to get results are virtually identical across every single skincare line on the market. That essentially equates to peels, scrubs and other ablative methods. 10-15 years ago that approach might have been acceptable.

Today, it’s unacceptable!

Skincare that’s skin caring!

dermaviduals skincaredermaviduals truly does put the ‘care’ back in skincare – containing ingredients that treat the skin and body with the utmost of respect. In addition, we remove ourselves further away from the conventional, industry standard one size fits all, blanket approaches.

Completely customisable, highly targeted, bespoke approach using ingredients that have an affinity with the skin and bodies own natural makeup.

So if any of the following resonates with you, then perhaps we can help.

  • Sick and tired of all the same old ‘one size fits all’ solutions you’ve been offered?
  • The quick-fix approaches that end up making your skin worse, not better?
  • What has become a neglectful, lazy, don’t care attitude towards delivering ‘real’ skin care?
  • The uneducated, misleading and marketing driven sales tactics?

You’ll not only receive products that contain the highest quality ingredients available anywhere in the world – you’ll receive education and knowledge based on actual science that goes far beyond standard beauty industry training.

Any skin type, any skin condition. We can help you treat it!


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