Thinking about undergoing Laser Hair Removal treatments? Had treatments in the past but got limited or no results? Not sure where to go or who to trust?

Hopefully we can help!

Laser Hair Removal can be performed safely and effectively all year round. During the summer months extra precautions are required, however providing you follow our advice, there is no reason to stop treatments during summer.

We can treat all skin types and skin colours – safely and effectively!

We use a superior laser device – the Cutera Excel HR – that comes complete with Sapphire Contact Cooling which generally provides a much more comfortable and pleasant experience over traditional zimmers and air-cooled devices.

If you’ve had Laser Hair Removal in the past and didn’t get results, it’s generally because the person performing the treatments had no idea what they are doing. Don’t let this deter you – it’s a common complaint we hear ‘all the time’ and often the primary reason why clients hesitate to get further treatments – even when they are excellent candidates.

Rest assured, you’ll be in highly trained and experienced hands. If we genuinely believe you’re not a good candidate, we are not going to waste your time or money. We’ll provide upfront and honest advice and offer possible solutions that may work for you instead.

As for training and experience – we’ve been in the industry for over 15 years and worked with IPL and lasers for many of those. Our formal training is accepted for licensing purposes by ‘Queensland Government Radiation Health’, ‘Government of Western Australia Radiological Council; Health Protection’, and the ‘Tasmanian Government Radiation Protection Unit’ – as well as being accredited by the ‘Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery’ and the ‘Australian College of Nursing’.

Book in for a complimentary Laser Consult today so we can discuss your options.