Thinking about undergoing Laser Hair Removal treatments? Had treatments in the past but got limited or no results? Not sure where to go or who to trust?

Hopefully we can provide some guidance and reassurance.

First of all, Laser Hair Removal can be performed safely and effectively all year round. During the summer months some extra precautions are required, however providing you follow our advice, there is no reason to stop treatments during summer.

We can treat all skin types and skin colours – safely and effectively! If you’ve got dark/tanned skin, this shouldn’t be a reason to avoid laser hair removal treatments – just make sure you see an experienced practitioner, like us.

We hear it daily…

“I’ve had about 10 treatments and didn’t get any results”

The good news… you’re not alone.

The bad news… it’s far more common than it should be!

If you’re a good candidate for Laser Hair Removal, then there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t get results.

Unfortunately, there are many people in the industry operating laser based devices that simply have no clue what they are doing.

It’s a fact… and clearly evident in the poor advice provided not to mention the lack of results.

You do not need 10+ treatments!

We sure you’ve heard it before. You’re going to need atleast 10+ treatments to reach maintenance and/or see results.

This right here is yet another example of poor advice from someone who should not be giving it – let alone operating a laser device!

Unless there is some underlying medical condition (eg. PCOS) that causes excessive hair growth, then you should reach maintenance in as little as 3-6~ treatments.

Maintenance is reached when you’ve got approx. 80-90% hair reduction, and for the ‘vast’ majority, this should be between 3-6~ treatments.

If you’re not seeing significant results after 3 treatments…


If the therapist you’re seeing hasn’t been able to get you good results in 3 treatments, then they certainly won’t do it in 10+

Laser Hair Removal doesn’t work that way! It’s time to move on and stop wasting your precious time and money.

What are some ‘red flags’?

Here are some key things to look out for.

1. Getting treatments on the same day as your consult. We know it sounds convenient, but it’s really not. It also significantly increases the risk of adverse reactions.

2. No Laser Safety Certificate. If the person treating you doesn’t have a Laser Safety Certificate issued in ‘their name’… walk away!

3. Cheap pricing. While not always the case, it ‘may’ be an indicator that something isn’t right. Combine this with any of the above and you should consider walking away. Having said that, we’ve come across many places that charge a premium and still don’t have a Laser Safety Certificate. So you should always to do your research.

The laser being used is important…

but not as important as the person operating it!

Experience counts. Despite laser treatments being perceived as ‘trivial’, they are not. There is a lot more to it then just pressing a button. Again, clearly evident in the poor advice and results many people continue to experience.

You could have the most expensive laser in the world, but if the person operating it doesn’t know how to use it properly, it’s useless.

It’s no different to a Formula 1 race car. You can sit in it, sure. We can all do that. But unless you’ve trained in it for many, many years, you’ll never be any good racing it. The same principal applies to laser – as it does many things!

How do we compare to many other clinics?

We use an incredible laser device – the Cutera Excel HR – that comes complete with Sapphire Contact Cooling, which generally provides a much more comfortable and pleasant experience over traditional zimmers and air-cooled devices.

Rest assured, we’re also very well trained and highly experienced. If we genuinely believe you’re not a good candidate, we are not going to waste your time or money. We’ll provide upfront and honest advice and offer possible solutions that may work for you instead. We are not in the business of ripping off our customers.

As for training and experience – we’ve been in the industry for over 15 years and worked with IPL and lasers for many of those. We hold Laser Safety Certificates and Advanced Laser Training qualifications. This training is accepted for licensing purposes by ‘Queensland Government Radiation Health’, ‘Government of Western Australia Radiological Council; Health Protection’, and the ‘Tasmanian Government Radiation Protection Unit’ – as well as being accredited by the ‘Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery’ and the ‘Australian College of Nursing’. As you can see, we take it very seriously… and so should you.

If you’ve visited another clinic in the past and didn’t get results, please don’t let that deter you from trying again – but this time with a clinic that actually cares about you. Book in for a Laser Consult with us today so we can discuss your options.