Micro-dermabrasion. A pure insult to your skin!


Micro/Hydra/Hydro-dermabrasion. It has a few different names depending on where you go but the basis of the treatment is still the same.

It’s probably one of the most skin damaging, time and money wasting treatments available today.

Anyone offering you these treatment will tell you the same old story – it’s a good clean out for the skin, removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores, plumps the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and so on. Some may even go as far as making claims such as reducing/removing acne scarring and pigmentation. The ‘hydra or hydro’ portion of the treatment is supposed to re-hydrate the skin – once you’ve obliterated it.

Sounds great, right?

In actual fact, you’ll be doing yourself more harm than good. Don’t let that smooth, glowing skin after the treatment fool you – it works exactly the way it’s supposed too. It will usually get you a visible result and fast. In this industry – looks and results can be ‘extremely’ deceiving. These results have absolutely NO correlation whatsoever with skin health – which is becoming a bit of ‘buzz word’ lately.

With quality advice and products, these treatments become a thing of the past for you. You’ll no longer need to waste time or money on them.


It’s a harsh, ablative form exfoliation. Generally a diamond or crystal tipped suction wand will be used to strip away so-called ‘dead skin’. In the process, it can greatly impair your skin barrier which in turn can lead to TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss). When there’s not enough water in the epidermis, enzyme activity and cellular communication is affected and impaired. In other words, your skins natural ability to exfoliate, look after and protect itself, fails.

The potential result? Dry, dehydrated, itchy, sensitive skin and the list goes on. If you’re already suffering from any of these, then the potential for making the issues worse are greatly increased.

In addition, it can further exacerbate skin concerns such as acne and if used often enough, may even accelerate the aging process – especially when used in conjunction with peels *shudders*. Want to increase the risk of pigmentation? Micro-dermabrasion and peels can do that for you too. What about ‘broken’ capillaries? You guessed it – micro and peels!

There is no such thing as ‘dead skin’. Get it out of your head now! Until those skin cells hit the floor, they still play a vital role in skincare and overall skin health. In fact, this actually helps you as the client identify ‘real’ skin health treatments from those just using the words ‘skin health’ as a marketing ploy.

If someone mentions dead skin to you, immediately you know they have no interest in actual skin health.


The close relative of Micro-dermabrasion – it’s supposed to be a more gentle and perhaps in sensation/feeling it is. In terms of reducing damage to the skin – not so much. High-powered water jets take the place of diamonds or crystals. With enough force, water is quite easily just as damaging.

The end result is the same – the removal of ‘so-called’ dead skin cells (which shouldn’t be considered dead), unclogged pores, skin plumping etc etc. More marketing rubbish for you.

It is also supposed to add moisture back into the skin but what is the point of this if your skin barrier is impaired and unable to retain moisture (see above re. TEWL). Essentially, anything you add is going to be lost because your skin isn’t able to retain it.

Add to that the poor quality of products being used and the best you’re likely get is a superficial, oily residue over your skin which may provide some relief from the destructive nature of the treatment while simultaneously making things worse. You’ll be back in the clinic in no time searching for products that will attempt to hydrate and fix the damage just caused – and the clinic will have them ready and waiting for you.

Consider the following for a moment: If it wasn’t for the fact you just destroyed your skin barrier – which is designed to keep moisture in and environmental toxins out – then you wouldn’t need the ‘hydra/hydro’ portion of the treatment anyway. The main difference between regular Micro-dermabrasion and Hydro-dermabrasion is that ‘hydro’ essentially stops your skin from feeling like crap both during and afterwards.

Why are these treatments so popular then?

We sort of touched on it at the very beginning. They are readily available and require no skin preparation at all. You could walk into any clinic and have it done right now. It’s cheap and best of all you’re likely to see a visible result immediately – giving you the impression you’ve done something great for your skin. As above – it works ‘exactly’ the way it’s designed. Combine that with all the marketing dribble and therapists who are still talking about ‘dead skin’ cells like it’s the 1980’s, and you’ve got a pretty convincing sales pitch.

The biggest flaw with these treatments – they were essentially developed when it was widely believed that ‘dead’ skin cells existed and that by removing them, it was good for your skin. A lot has changed over the past 50 years yet many treatments on the market today are still based on archaic philosophies and opinions which have been debunked for decades.

If you spoke to someone who specialises in skincare and real skin health, then you probably wouldn’t have been sucked into receiving a skin damaging, completely unnecessary, time and money wasting treatment. You’ve would have been guided away from these treatments and it would have been explained in detail why these treatments are so detrimental to your skin.

Not all skincare, is skin caring.