Micro-Needling – what to look out for!

Skin Needling Setup Prep

If you’re considering micro-needling/Skin Needling treatments (also commonly referred to as Dermapen) then it’s important to find a reputable clinic with a highly trained therapist that not only has a great understanding of the skin at a cellular level, but also one that is committed to providing the highest level of health, hygiene and safety.

We continue to see salons and therapists that simply don’t care. Even the basics such as masks and safety glasses are completely ignored. It’s a blatant disregard for even the most basic health and hygiene standards – putting both client and therapist at risk.

Micro-needling/Skin Needling is not regulated which means anyone of any skill level can perform the treatment even if they’ve had no formal training or qualifications. The only requirement is the money to purchase the actual device. This essentially means that your hair dresser or local nail salon could purchase a device and perform micro-needling treatments on you without a single bit of training.

How do you find a great clinic that can produce not only great results, but also has the highest level of respect for your health and safety?

  • Ask for the therapists qualifications and what training they’ve done specific to needling”. Don’t be afraid to ask this! Just because the salon/therapist offers the service doesn’t automatically mean they are adequately qualified and trained to perform it. There are some salons out there that offer these services simply to be a “one stop shop” for everything. A “one stop shop” is perhaps your first red flag.
  • Face Mask and Glasses should be worn. This serves to protect you (the client) and the therapist so it should be non-negotiable. If you wear glasses normally, this may suffice assuming they are large enough to cover a significant portion of the eye area. Ideally though, a pair safety glasses that protect that entire eye area would be ideal as these provide protection from all angles. If the therapist isn’t wearing these two pieces of essential PPE, don’t proceed with the treatment. Stop it immediately and demand that they do. There is no excuse considering how inexpensive and readily available they are. This is regardless of COVID-19 by the way!
  • Sterile gloves should be worn. Common food handling gloves or examination gloves just don’t cut it – especially if the therapist plans to touch your skin during the treatment, which they most likely will.
  • Sterile dressing packs. This not only acts as a sterile field for the therapist to work from and within during the needling part of treatment, but also contains sterile cotton balls, dressings and forceps. Using cotton balls or discs pulled from a large packet under the bench is unacceptable.
  • Protective sleeve on the device. They cost about 5c each! There is no excuse for not using one. If they’re willing to skimp on a 5c sleeve, what else are they prepared to skimp on?
  • Is the device and needle tips TGA approved. Although not necessarily a deal breaker, it’s a good indication that the clinic has invested in a high-quality device that has been proven safe and effective. If the salon is serious about the treatment, then this shouldn’t be issue. A marking such as “CE0123” indicates the device and tips have a medical certification.

Appropriate pre and post protocols and procedures should be strictly followed to ensure a sterile/clean face (or area of skin to be needled) prior to the treatment and that nothing that could potentially cause irritation or sensitivity be applied both during or immediately post treatment. There is also a great amount of training involved when moving through the entire process – from start to finish of treatment – such as moving from non-sterile to sterile and remaining in that sterile field during the treatment.

Keep in mind – you are paying someone to perform this treatment on you safely and effectively. If they can’t be bothered investing in appropriate PPE to ensure their own safety and yours, it’s probably best you go somewhere else. Lack of results may be the least of your concerns otherwise!

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