New facials… possibly thousands of them!

dermaviduals facials alga mask

No, we aren’t going crazy.

With the introduction of dermaviduals, we’ve had to rethink how we deliver our in-clinic facials. While we’ve always been able to customise your facials with potent powder actives and powder blends, we’ve now stepped into a entirely different realm altogether.

We have the ability to customise your facials one ingredient at a time (literally). This creates hundreds, even thousands of possible combinations.

It moves us further away from the same dated, conventional facial recipes and pre-set protocols (one size fits all solutions) that most other clinics and salons offer. Essentially, no two facials will ever be the same!

There is nothing like this available anywhere in the Bendigo or the surrounding areas – at least that we’re aware of.

So, how does it work? It’s easy!

Beginning today, there will 3 TIER’s to choose from.

Instead of looking at a treatment menu full of gimmicky, one size fits all treatment names, perhaps even wondering which one is really right for you – now you can simply decide how much you want to invest both in time and money and we will work within that guideline to create a unique and personalised facial just for you – each and every time.

Before every facial, we will sit down with you and discuss your concerns. On the fly, we will then create your facial from the ground up, using a combination of almost 40 individual ingredients and masks. Our TIER 3 facial even includes LED Light Therapy.

Never again will you receive the same facial as someone else! In fact, it’s highly unlikely you will ever receive the same facial twice.

You’re unique. Your skin is unique. Your facial should be too!