Cell Charge – Super Nutrient Booster

Cell Charge

Introducing Cell Charge – the world’s most potent source of natural fulvic acid is now available right here in Bendigo. We search the globe for the very best, highest quality products available and this is a testament to our commitment in providing you with just that… the very best the world has to offer! What […]

EXCEED Medical Microneedling Device

Amiea Med EXCEED Medical Microneedling Device

EXCEED by amiea med is an amazing new medical micro-needling device like no other. The gold standard. 🧬 Micro-needling, Skin Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) is one of our most popular treatments. For this reason, we’ve been on the hunt for a new micro-needling device for a while now. We had almost committed to […]

Cleansing – Perhaps the Most Important Step

Cleansing - First Step to Skin Health

What’s one of the best ways, and perhaps the key to fresh, clean, glowing and healthy skin? CLEANSING! We’re serious. It’s perhaps the most important step in your skincare routine and the foundation of which any good skincare routine should be built on. If you can’t get the basics right, then you might as well […]

Vitamin A – Your Skin’s Ingredient of Choice

Foods Rich in Vitamin A

If your skin could ask for one ingredient, Vitamin A would probably be its first choice. There are two ways to get your daily dose of Vitamin A and we recommend trying your best to do both. Topically and; Internally. Topically Vitamin A requires an enzyme in the skin to convert it to its active […]

Micro-dermabrasion. A pure insult to your skin!


Micro/Hydra/Hydro-dermabrasion. It has a few different names depending on where you go but the basis of the treatment is still the same. It’s probably one of the most skin damaging, time and money wasting treatments available today. Anyone offering you these treatment will tell you the same old story – it’s a good clean out […]

Over-exfoliation. An epidemic that has to stop!


Let’s destroy a delicate yet equally complex, intricate and incredibly well-organised ecosystem. One that is designed to protect you. Next, let’s attempt to rebuild that ecosystem using ineffective methods and protocols, products and ingredients. Now let’s do the entire process again. And again. And again. And let’s keep doing it daily, weekly, monthly… for years! […]

Why Nordic Naturals?


The human body is made up of approximately 37 trillion cells, and each one of them contains important omega-3 fatty acids that the body needs to stay healthy and function normally. Evidence from over 30,000 studies conducted on EPA and DHA indicate they play important roles throughout the body as influential structural components of cell […]

epi nouvelle+ naturelle Facial Mask

epi nouvelle+ naturelle Facial Mask

epi nouvelle+ naturelle is an incredible facial mask developed and manufactured by JeNaCell. JeNaCell is a specialist in the development and manufacture of biotechnology-derived nanocellulose with a well-defined design and a structure that can be controlled. epi nouvelle+ naturelle gently supports regeneration of sensitive skin and is free from other ingredients. It relies completely on […]

Melanin – Emelanin & Pheomelanin

Observ Pigmentation Melanin

Skin pigmentation is due to the accumulation of two types of melanin granules in the keratinocytes (skin cells). Besides being the most potent blocker of ultraviolet radiation, the role of melanin in photoprotection (UV protection) is complex. I’ve had a client recently ask what type of skin ages better – fair skin or dark skin? […]

Food Intolerance Tests Don’t Work

Food Intolerance Testing

When you visit us for any skin related concerns, you’ll need to complete a, skin consultation is a must. We work holistically (outside in, inside out approach) so there will be many questions relating to diet, nutrition and general lifestyle. It’s important we have an understanding of this information otherwise we could be missing a […]