Policy Changes – Children in the Clinic

Effective from January 1st 2020, Children under 14 years of age are no longer allowed in the clinic – this includes babies in prams/strollers. We have made this decision for a number of reasons.

First of all, OH&S compliance. Our clinic isn’t child friendly. It’s an open space designed for adults. There are many things that could easily be broken or damaged that may cause harm to your child.

We’ve had children jump on our lounges, potting mix from plants tossed on the floor, products damaged and a glass coffee table almost broken on several occasions – just to name a few. We’ve also received complaints from clients expecting a quiet and relaxing space only to be greeted by loud and unruly children.

In addition, if you are receiving a treatment yourself, you can’t be watching your child nor can we allow children (especially babies) to sit next to you or on you in the treatment room. This can lead to all sorts of distractions and interferences – some of which may cause harm to your child, yourself and our staff. We can’t stop the treatment while you attend to your child as this can result in us running late for appointments that follow, and/or you’ll be left with an incomplete treatment which isn’t ideal.

When are children allowed?

Your child may enter the clinic only if:

  • they are 14+ years of age and;
  • receiving a treatment themselves and;
  • accompanied by a parent or adult guardian at all times.

If they are NOT receiving a treatment themselves, they are NOT to enter the clinic unless accompanied by a parent or adult guardian that is also NOT receiving a treatment. They can not be left alone in the waiting area while you receive your treatment.

If your child is under 14 but already receiving treatments with us, you are more then welcome to continue, and we would love to continue seeing you.

We understand that this may cause an inconvenience for some of you and we sincerely appologise for this. It’s unfortunate that the minority have created a situation that the majority now pay for.

We truly appreciate and thank each and every one of our clients that have continued to visit us over the years. Your loyalty and respect for us as individuals and our local small business does not go unnoticed. Thank you!