Prior to Laser/IPL Pigment Removal…

Pigmented Lesions

Prior to undergoing any Laser/IPL Pigment Removal, there is an “extremely” important step you should “never” miss!

Your Laser/IPL therapist should have informed you of it but if they didn’t, let’s just say they have absolutely no business whatsoever performing the treatment. It’s a clear indication and very evident that they have had next to no training (if any) in Laser/IPL treatments nor do they have a very good understanding of the skin and the potential consequences of missing this key step.

All red flags, all seriously concerning!

What is that step exactly?

It’s a skin check by skin cancer doctor or dermatologist.

The purpose of this skin check is to identify any cancerous or ‘potentially’ cancerous lesions before they are removed (hidden) by the Laser or IPL treatments.


Imagine this for moment…

You’ve got some unwanted pigmented lesions you want to get removed by Laser or IPL. You should have had a thorough consult with your laser or IPL therapist, signed the paperwork and received copies of the pre and post care, test patches performed etc etc. It should be quite thorough. If it was nothing more then a 5 minute chat, then we’d be very concerned. If you were able to walk in and have it done there and then, on the day – we’d be even more concerned!

You attend your appointments and over the course of treatments (and sometimes all it takes is a single treatment) those moles and pigmented lesions have virtually disappeared. They are no longer visible to the human eye.

The catch – one of those moles or lesions was cancerous but because a skin check was never performed prior, it was never identified. The Laser/IPL has now made it invisible.

You eventually get a skin check done but because there is nothing visible to see anymore, it’s completely missed. Time goes on and the cancer continues to grow – unchecked and unnoticed.

What could have been easily removed and resolved has now spread. It’s no longer a simple procedure to remove – but rather a serious, life threatening situation.

Are you starting to understand the gravity of the situation? Are you starting to understand just how important it is to choose a qualified, highly trained and experienced practitioner to perform your treatments? This is not a game!

Sure, a skin check by a doctor or dermatologist prior to the procedure may be a little inconvenient. It may cost you a little extra money. It may mean you need to wait a few extra days or weeks before that pigment is removed. The alternative… well, that has the ability to kill you!

We strongly advise that everyone gets a skin check by a skin cancer doctor or dermatologist at least once a year. It takes about 15 minutes and it could save your live!

Unfortunately, with the lack of regulations (of which there are absolutely none) surrounding Laser and IPL based treatments, there is NO requirement whatsoever for the therapist performing the treatment to have a background in dermal therapies or undergo specific laser/IPL training, so it’s very easy for things to go very wrong – very quickly. In fact, there isn’t even a requirement for the therapist to hold even a basic Laser Safety Certificate.

There are a lot of operators out there that simply should not be playing around with Laser or IPL devices. Just because they have a device doesn’t mean they are qualified to operate it.

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