Skin concern? Contact a skin specialist… not your local electrician!

Over the years, the skin has become ‘dumbed-down’. It’s been turned into something that is unimportant. You’ve been made to believe that if you can see a visible result, then it must be working – regardless of the long-term side effects or consequences. That is the power of a billion dollar industry driven by bottomless marketing budgets and a huge lack of regulation, alongside inadequate training and education.

Don’t get us wrong – there are amazing trainers and educators out there, but you need to go looking for them. It’s not standard training nor is it required – but it should be.

Welcome, to the skincare and beauty industry!

It’s an industry that requires ‘very little’ training and education. And we can’t emphasize the ‘very little’ enough.

You can sell skincare out of the boot of your car. Your hairdresser can sell it. The person doing your manicure and pedicure can sell it. Skincare influencers without a single professional qualification can sell it. Your local electrician can sell it. Anyone can sell it!

The only qualification you need is the money in the bank to pay for the products or devices you wish to use.

The skin is highly complex and intricate – made up of many different cells and systems with their own unique properties – all ‘trying’ to work together to best serve you. To protect you! It’s the bodies largest organ and without it, you die.

If you need a powerpoint fitted off in your house, you don’t call a plumber. If you need your car serviced, you don’t call an electrician. Need your drain unblocked? You sure sure as hell don’t call a skin expert! You call the person most qualified for the job.

If you have heart problems, you’d be in to see a heart specialist. You wouldn’t be asking your hairdresser for advice or Googling “best quick-fix for my heart”. You’d be talking to someone that spends their life working with the heart.

Perhaps you’re thinking “you can’t compare the skin to the heart”. Oh, but we can – and we will. Just because the heart is on the inside of your body doesn’t make it any more important. Take a really good guess at what is helping to protect the heart?

So why is it that the skin is treated like such a dumb, insignificant piece of flesh we don’t need? Why is it that we are prepared to place anything on it or do anything to it based on ANYONE’S ‘opinion’ without a second thought, or fully understanding the consequences? From highly acidic lemon juice, to essentials oils, scrubs, at home peels, coconut oil, weekly micros and the list goes on and on.

There are thousands of concoctions out there and most people will be willing to try any and all of them before visiting an actual skin expert.

You’ve been made to believe that we can throw almost anything at it without consequences. That more is better. That stronger is better. As time has gone on, products, devices and treatment modalities have been introduced into the industry that anyone, of any skill level, with any amount of skin knowledge (or none at all) can perform – and do perform. From strong, ablative chemical peels, microdermabrasion, hydrodermabrasion, dermaplaning/epidermal levelling, skin needling, laser based treatments – the list goes on.

This has lead to the mass perception that anyone can ‘do’ skincare. That it’s quick, easy and simple. That the skin is not important. That you don’t need to visit a specialist to resolve your concerns – you’ll just try whatever someone tells you because “hey, what could possibly go wrong, everyone is doing it.”

Self proclaimed ‘skin experts’ are born overnight because they’ve managed to suppress their acne with some random product they’ve found online – from an influencer offering a 30% discount code if you ‘order today only!’

We’ve seen it all – from those just out of beauty school diving into skin needling without even knowing what a cytokine is, not to mention the sheer lack of regard for even the most basic health and hygiene; to salons that spend most of their days doing everything but skin treatments calling themselves ‘skin specialists’. But that’s ok I suppose… they have a few skincare products sitting on the shelf and offer carbon laser facials and peels – so they must be ‘pro’.

Want botox or fillers? You can now visit your local shopping center or hairdressing salon for that too! Once a medical treatment – now available as a drive-through like service. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So we aren’t surprised at all when we see a new client presenting with poor skin health and overall poor skin quality – so confused and unsure about what to do because they’ve been told various things by various people that shouldn’t be providing any advice at all when it comes to the skin. Youtube and Google are not your friend in this case and will only add to the confusion.

Everyone’s entitled to an opinion – and we respect that. But when that opinion starts to impact another person’s quality of life, that’s when it starts to become a big problem.

What works for one person does not automatically work for someone else. More is not necessarily better. Stronger is not necessarily better. There is so much more to it than that. It’s for this reason we invest so heavily in our training and education, the products and advanced equipment we use, and our skin consults are not just a quick 15 minute chit-chat but instead a 90 minute interrogation!

Good skincare is about providing your skin with the nutrients (nutrition) it requires to function correctly. The use of certain products and devices can help achieve this but overdoing it or applying inappropriate products and devices and especially overusing them will do nothing more than create an unfavourable environment that will lead to barriers disorders, sensitised skin, acne, breakouts, accelerated ageing and more. It will create the very skin you are trying to avoid.

It’s not necessarily bad products or bad treatments but rather the incorrect product or treatment on the incorrect skin. It takes someone that specialises in skin to identify your specific skin needs and create a personalised plan in order to address your concerns professionally, accurately and with all due care.