Stellar Stimulus Packages


Want to keep your skin in great condition and maintain all the hard work you’ve done so far? Want to support us over this difficult time while also receiving a huge bonus yourself?

If you’re willing and able, sign up to our Healthy Skin for Life program for $49* per week. It is valued at $3500~ if you were to purchase everything included individually – but we’ve packaged it up and taken $900 OFF!

You don’t have to start the program immediately but you can start paying it off. When we reopen, you’ll be one of the first to know. We’ll get you booked in ASAP for your Skin Health Assessment and get you started on your new skincare journey right away.

If $49* per week is too much, perhaps consider one of the following:

BRONZE Package – Pay $1050 and receive $1300 credit (saving $250).
Or pay over 12 months for $22* per week.

SILVER Package – Pay $1650 and receive $1950 credit (saving $350).
Or pay over 12 months for $31* per week.

GOLD Package – Pay $1950 and receive $2500 credit (saving $550).
Or pay over 12 months for $38* per week.

* Weekly/fortnightly payment may vary depending on the initial deposit paid (minimum 10% deposit required) and the term of finance (6 or 12 months available). Price is inclusive of all direct debit fees and charges. Paying upfront will not incur any fees and charges.

The credit can be used to purchase any dermaviduals, Vita-Sol or Nordic Naturals products, as well as skin treatments including facials, skin needling and when we launch it, any laser based treatments.

If you wanted to use it against product to help maintain and improve results while we are unable to open the clinic, simply send us an email or call and we’ll send the products to you – absolutely free!

The packages DO NOT EXPIRE. The full amount will remain on your account until you’re ready to use it. So you’re welcome to purchase now, start paying it off, and when we reopen our doors, visit us in person.

How does this help us?

It helps in a big way!

These packages provide us with a continuous flow of cash – allowing us to pay wages, bills, rent, and buy toilet paper (if we can find it). Most importantly, it allows us to recover from this crisis much quicker!

If you want to help us out, this is the best way to do it.

Signing Up

Call, message us on Facebook, Instagram or email. We’ll collect some basic details and send you the online forms to complete. It’s quick, easy and straightforward.

These packages are only available while we are unable to open the clinic. When we reopen, these packages will be discontinued.

Strictly Limited Availability. We may withdraw this offer at any time and without warning.