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Botox & Dermal Fillers – Things to Consider

Dermal Fillers - Things to Consider

Like most days, we consult with a lot of clients about their skin. Today we consulted with a client that only yesterday had received dermal fillers and presented with light bruising. Perhaps the most shocking part? They had absolutely no clue that bruising was a potential side-effect, nor did they receive any other post care […]

Cosmetic Injections. It’s a risky business!

cosmetic injections botox fillers

Cosmetic Injections are growing rapidly in popularity. What was once almost unheard of is now readily and easily accessible. Unfortunately, regulations surrounding cosmetic injections including fillers and botox are almost non-existent. Someone just out of nursing school can start injecting with very little (if any) additional training – and therein lies the issue! For your […]

Botox – one of the worlds most deadliest neurotoxins.

Botox, also known as ‘Botulinum toxin-a’ is among the most deadly, naturally occurring neurotoxins on the planet. Not to worry though, it’s still considered safe for smoothing out those frown lines, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and can even provide some relief to those suffering from MS (among other things). It was identified in the early 1800’s by […]