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Over-exfoliation. An epidemic that has to stop!


Let’s destroy a delicate yet equally complex, intricate and incredibly well-organised ecosystem. One that is designed to protect you. Next, let’s attempt to rebuild that ecosystem using ineffective methods and protocols, products and ingredients. Now let’s do the entire process again. And again. And again. And let’s keep doing it daily, weekly, monthly… for years! […]

Dry skin? Flaky skin? Do not exfoliate or peel it!

dry skin flaky skin do not exfoliate

Dry skin and/or flaky skin is more often than not related to an impaired skin barrier. An impaired skin barrier can often be attributed to over-exfoliation (eg. peeling or modalities like microdermabrasion) combined with poor quality products containing barrier impairing ingredients, and can even be linked to internal imbalances related to smoking, alcohol, lack of […]

Stop exfoliating! You could be causing more harm than good.


Exfoliation has become standard practice in virtually every salon, clinic, day spa or otherwise around the world – not to mention part of many at home skincare regimens. Why? It gets visible results, fast. As a consumer paying for a product or service, there is nothing better than being able to see where your hard […]