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Prior to Laser/IPL Pigment Removal…

Pigmented Lesions

Prior to undergoing any Laser/IPL Pigment Removal, there is an “extremely” important step you should “never” miss! Your Laser/IPL therapist should have informed you of it but if they didn’t, let’s just say they have absolutely no business whatsoever performing the treatment. It’s a clear indication and very evident that they have had next to […]

Melanin – Emelanin & Pheomelanin

Observ Pigmentation Melanin

Skin pigmentation is due to the accumulation of two types of melanin granules in the keratinocytes (skin cells). Besides being the most potent blocker of ultraviolet radiation, the role of melanin in photoprotection (UV protection) is complex. I’ve had a client recently ask what type of skin ages better – fair skin or dark skin? […]