The gut-skin connection is very real!

Gut Skin Connection - Eat Yourself Healthy

Do you seek truly healthy, glowing skin? Then your gut-health is a key factor in achieving that!

It can be a key element to finally getting your acne, breakouts and blemishes under control. Reducing and possibly eliminating signs of rosacea. Calming and reducing signs of eczema and psoriasis. The potential is quite simply incredible!

The gut-skin connection is very real and we’ve been preaching this for years. While gut-health has become a bit of trend for some – we’re leaders in this space. It’s amongst one of our most heavily researched topics in clinic and something we practice everyday.

Eat Yourself Healthy by Dr. Megan Rossi (aka The Gut Health Doctor) is one book you should be investing in if you have any interest at all in your gut-health – or even health in general. Written by an expert and grounded in science – it’s a non-bias book that gives you evidence based research and education without any affiliation to certain products or brands (and that’s actually really important).

** You can order this book yourself from Amazon (if you want it right now) or we are happy to order you a copy. We don’t make any money out of it (bonus!) so you simply pay what we do – which is full retail. We supply these books free of charge to all clients who sign up to various Skin Programs (including the Healthy Skin for Life) so it’s easy enough to add a few more copies to our order – just for you! **

There are many books on the market today endorsed by particular “health food companies” that also promote and sell their own “health food products”. These should be approached with caution to ensure the information provided is free from any hidden agendas and bias.

Most importantly, talk to an expert that can address ‘your’ specific concerns professionally and responsibly.

Self diagnosis is not advised! When you type your concerns into Google – it doesn’t know who you are, your environment, what medications you’re taking, current nutrition/dietary factors, your history, other symptoms, how these factors correlate and so on.

Let Google help you find an expert that can help with your concerns. Don’t let it provide random information that may not be even remotely relevant to you.