Acne Scarring

What acne leaves behind.

Acne Scarring is essentially the end result of mild to severe cases of Acne. It can also be difficult to treat and in severe cases, a doctor or dermatologist that specialises in this area may be required.

Deep peels, ablative resurfacing lasers and perhaps even surgery may be required.

If you ever needed a really good reason to manage your acne early on, Acne Scarring is most definitely it. Although in the case of severe acne it’s almost impossible to eliminate all scaring, there is a chance to ‘significantly’ reduce it if you take the correct steps early on to reduce the Acne itself.

As the saying goes – prevention is always better than a cure. Nothing could be more true in the case of Acne Scarring.

Acne Before & After dermaviduals

How do we manage & treat it?

Get on top of your acne early on.

If you manage your acne correctly and under the guidance and support of a skin specialist, the side-effect that is scarring will hopefully be far less prominent and visible.

In this case, reducing and eliminating what scarring is left should be a relatively straight forward approach. Mostly inexpensive with very little to no down time at all. All you’ll need is a bit of patience and perseverance.

In fact, as part of a good Acne skin management plan, your skin specialist should also be accounting for acne scarring so appropriate measures will be built into your plan to account for this. All going well, most scarring will be eliminated in the process of treatment and managing the Acne itself.

So it really starts with managing your Acne correctly.

The alternative? Pretty much the opposite of the above!

It you don’t manage your Acne correctly or if you leave it too late to seek treatment, that’s when things can get tough.

It will be difficult to revise. It will require a medical professional using deep chemical peels, ablative resurfacing lasers and perhaps even surgery (in really severe cases – although this is rare). There is the chance of significant down-time as well – no work, no school, no play!

Recommended Treatments

Multiple treatment paths exists… and it mostly depends what stage you’re at.

Hopefully you’ve chosen us to manage your Acne in which case, we’ve already put in place measures to control acne scarring. If you’re visiting us because your previous clinic didn’t account for this (they treated visible symptoms only) then we have our work cut out for us.

Depending on the severity, we may refer you to a dermatologist that can break down the thickened skin using laser resurfacing and deep peels. Once they’ve done their part, we can handle the rest.

As always, an easy to follow, easy to stick to home care routine is paramount. You’ll be prescribed some of the highest quality skin correction products in the world – dermaviduals. We may also include at-home dermal rolling into the routine if you’re comfortable using it.

Using EXCEED medical microneedling device, we can further revise, breakdown and reduce the acne scarring and manage the final outcome.

The introduction of in-clinic treatments such as TIER 2 and TIER 3 facials as well as LED Light Therapy will also be incorporated.

What we don’t recommend.

Quick-fixes! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Microdermabrasion, over-exfoliation, overnight remedies – none of them work and especially not for the long-term. They simply hide the symptoms and do nothing to treat the cause.

Some peels may help but you need to approach these with caution. On their own they are not the solution – they are just one piece of the puzzle and need to be performed by a specialist skincare professional in a responsible manner.

Treating the cause is key otherwise you’ll be forever chasing the symptoms. No amount of peeling will help.

If you were to Google acne treatments, you will find a mountain of what sounds like very promising solutions – from home care products promising the world, to clinics advertising overnight quick-peels that are supposed to give you radiant glowing skin in as little as 48 hours.

Please don’t get sucked in! If it were that easy, you would never see anyone with acne (or any skin condition for that matter).