Skin Treatments

Putting the ‘care’ back in skincare!™

We are the only skin clinic in Bendigo able to create ‘truly’ bespoke skincare solutions – specifically designed for you and your skin. We can create your skincare products from the ground up – one ingredient at a time (literally).

We are leading the way in skin health and functional skincare. We are dedicated to preserving the integrity of your skin (Corneotherapy) while simultaneously achieving long-term, quality results.

Our approach is skin ‘caring’ and with advanced training and education, we don’t need to resort to treatments like agressive and misused chemical peels, micro-dermabrasion and dermaplaning/epidermal Levelling and so on in order to get results.

We are far beyond that!

Skin Consultations

Everything we do starts here. Regardless of skin condition or concern – be it acne, acne scarring, anti-aging including fine lines and wrinkle, pigmentation or something else completely – a Skin Consultation gives us the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss your own individual expectations and goals.

It’s an important step in your skincare journey.

We also use Observ® – an advanced skin imaging camera to look below the surface of the skin and provide further insight.

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Observ Skin Consultation
Facial White Mask

Facials + Peels

Our facials are truly ‘bespoke’. One ingredient at a time (literally), we create your facial on the fly using the purest, most active ingredients in the world.

Regular in-clinic facials can help accelerate your results. Whether it’s to target a specific concern or simply for maintenance, our facials are designed to support, nourish and feed your skin without compromising health and integrity.

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LED Light Therapy

Also known as Phototherapy, LED can significantly improve a wide range of skin conditions. Non-invasive, completely pain free – it’s relaxing, rejuvenating, healing and supportive of the skin and delivers incredible results when used consistently and regularly.

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LED Light Therapy
Amiea Med Exceed Medical Microneedling

Skin Needling

Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy or Micro-needling, it’s a treatment we can use to take your skincare to the next level. Great for acne scarring or scarring in general, pigmentation, anti-aging, and overall skin regeneration and rejuvenation.

We use a medical micro-needling device called EXCEED. It’s FDA and TGA approved, MedSafe listed, and holds CE and ISO certifications.

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