Clinical Facials & Peels

This is the perfect place to start if you’re unsure of what treatment to choose. Each one can be customised and adapted to you on the day. No consultation or pre/post care is required.

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Our Clinical Facials & Peels are our entry level treatments. No consultation or pre/post care is required. Maybe you’re just looking for a bit of down time with no real concerns, or perhaps you just don’t know where to start.

You’ve come to right place!

Regardless of which option you choose, there is time to discuss any concerns you may have on the day. Even if you have no concerns, the products we use will still benefit your skin in many ways.

There is no down time and no pre or post care to worry about it.

Based on what you tell us, as well as what we can see and feel, we develop a customised treatment on the fly that addresses any concerns you may have. Simple, effective, no fuss!

During the treatment, we are happy to discuss options for the future. If you’re not interested in chatting, we don’t have to say anything at all. You can simply relax and enjoy the treatment.

Consultation Not Required

You can book any treatment on this page freely, and without a consultation. They are generally considered safe and suitable for anyone of any age.

Clinical Facial – Level 1
$99 (30 mins)

Clinical Facial – Level 2
$159 (60 mins)

Clinical Peels

A great option for the majority of skin types. These entry-level chemical peels can be performed on almost anyone, with little to no down-time.

There is no preparation required in most cases. You could get one during your lunch break and head back to work afterwards. They are a great option to prepare your skin for future, more advanced treatments and to establish how well your skin can tolerate certain peels solutions.

Clinical Peel – Level 1
$139 (30~ mins)

Clinical Peel – Level 2
$169 (30~ mins)

What’s the difference between levels?

We use levels to provide an ‘indication’ of treatment length and/or potential strength. Regardless of level, your specific concerns will be discussed on the day and we’ll target those for you.

If you’ve never visited us before and don’t currently use much in the way of home care (especially Vitamin A serums) then Level 1 is a great place to start – especially when it comes to Peels.

A stronger treatment may not be necessary, and may even cause you more harm than good. For example – not everyone requires or will benefit from a 50% Glycolic Peel. It depends on a range of factors which we can discuss with you during your Skin Consultation or treatment if you’re interested.

If you’re unsure where to start, you can’t go wrong by booking one of our standard Clinical Facial – Level 1 or Level 2 treatments.

Not sure where to start?

Clinical Consultation + Facial
$199 (90 mins)

This is a consultation and Clinical Facial in one. You’ll be provided with a full home care prescription and in-clinic treatment recommendations, should you choose to continue your journey with us.

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