Clinical Facials

Suitable for men and women of any age – we tailor our clinical facials to address your concerns on the day. Each one is unique, highly targeted and results driven.

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Clinical Facial – Level 1
$99 (30 mins)
A powerful treatment to boost and nourish your skin. The treatment time is short, but the skin is left radiant and fresh making this perfect for promoting and maintaining optimal skin health and results, or between Laser Genesis or Skin Needling.

Clinical Facial – Level 2
$159 (60 mins)
The extra time of Level 2 allows us to deliver more advanced and in-depth inclusions such as LED Light Therapy and deeper, specialised peels (if suitable). While level 2 is available to everyone, those that benefit the most will be those with more difficult and serious concerns to treat.

Both options include an additional 15 minutes to discuss any concerns and answer any questions you may have on the day.

What’s the difference between levels?

Both are similar in the sense that they are heavily results driven and highly targeted. Your specific concerns will be discussed on the day and we’ll target those specifically.

The Level 2 option – while available to everyone – will mostly benefit those with more serious and difficult skin concerns to treat. When it comes to deeper, more specialised peels, then level 2 is the only option for you as Level 1 simply doesn’t allow us enough time to deliver those treatments.

Not sure where to start?

Clinical Consultation + Facial
$199 (90 mins)

This is a consultation and Clinical Facial in one. You’ll be provided with a full home care prescription and in-clinic treatment recommendations, should you choose to continue your journey with us.Want more information about the Clinical Consultation?

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You are under no obligation to take up the recommendations we provide. Be mindful however that results require commitment, and the speed of your results are linked to your commitment!

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Don’t let the lack of options fool you!

We are not restricted by, nor do we believe in pre-set protocols and conventional facial recipes (one size fits all solutions).

Most clinics offer basic, pre-set solutions. The same skin treatment or facial that was just performed on you will also be performed on someone else – nothing changes from one person to the next. There is no accounting for individual skin types, environmental factors and a raft of other things.

Your skin is very different to everyone else’s. Even if you present with the same concern (eg. Acne or Pigmentation) you have entirely different internal and external factors to consider and this will alter the approach we take.

For this reason we make it really simple for you – choose either a 30 or 60 minute option and let our expert team design the treatment for you.

The result is a ‘truly’ professional and responsible approach to skincare.