Delivered by highly qualified Laser Specialists – you can be sure you’re in safe hands and the results will be incredible!

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We can perform Laser treatments on virtually anyone – from light to dark skin – safely and effectively. You’ll receive quality, fast and effective results delivered by highly qualified, highly trained laser specialists.

Yes, we use an actual ‘laser’, not IPL/SHR. Laser and IPL/SHR is not the same thing!

Whether it’s general maintenance or a specific skin concern you wish to address, laser is a viable option for most people and it’s ability to acheive fast and effective results is why it’s the default choice for many.

So, when you’re ready to experience the quality of a highly trained and experienced laser specialist utilising a world-class, top of the line laser, book your consultation to get started.

Before ‘any’ laser treatment is performed, you must a complete a laser consultation with us – no exceptions! No consult, no treatment!

Laser Vascular

Laser Vascular Removal

from $99

Laser Vein (Vascular) Removal is a non-invasive, mostly pain-free solution for removing a variety of vascular lesions on the body.

Vascular lesions include leg veins, facial veins, angiomas, venous lakes, rosacea and more.

Laser has become a viable treatment option to reliably remove and diminish unwanted vascular concerns with the result often being near instantly visible.

Some veins may require multiple treatments to achieve optimal results however, we will discuss your individual outcomes and possible results in more detail during your consultation.

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Pigmentation Lesions

Laser Pigmentation Removal

from $69

Pigment, tone and textural issues come in many forms. Signs of ageing and sun damage leave unwanted freckles and age spots, and leave the skin’s appearance looking dull, uneven and aged.

Laser based treatments can assist with the removal, smoothing out and camouflage of pigmented lesions of various shapes and sizes.

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Laser Results

We can achieve some incredible results. Here is just a small sample of what we could achieve for you!

If you’d like to find out whether you’re a good candidate for laser treatments and the kind of results you could expect, please book in for a laser consult.

Why choose us?

Laser clinics are popping up all over the place - so what makes us different? Why should you visit us instead of the one just around the corner? What makes us better?

Well, here are a few reasons:

  • We treat every 6-8+ weeks (for hair removal) - not every 4 weeks like many clinics. This ensures we are targeting your hairs in the right growth phase resulting in better, faster results.
  • We take our training seriously! In Victoria, Laser and IPL/SHR is unregulated which means "anyone" (literally, anyone) can use a device regardless of skill level, skin knowledge or experience. We hold nationally recognised laser safety and advanced laser certifications endorsed by the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery.
  • You'll always see the same Laser Specialist. You don't have to worry about who will be performing your treatments each time. You'll see the same laser specialist each and every time.
  • You're treated like an individual. Your treatments are personalised and tailored. We listen to you, understand your concerns, and address them appropriately and professionally.
  • We are not an express service. You should never feel like just another number. While we can't stand around chatting to you all day (as much as we'd like too) you don't have to worry about being rushed in and out without care. The service will be performed professionally and responsibly with all due care.

We're not just another laser clinic. We are 'your' laser clinic!