Skin Analysis & Consultation

A critical step in your skincare journey.

We want to get you the best results possible and in order for us to do this, a Skin Consultation forms a critical part of your skincare journey.

Without a thorough consultation, we are but merely guessing and using trial and error, and this not a professional nor a responsible approach to skincare.

We want to get to know you, your skin, your expectations and goals. This allows us to construct a treatment plan that’s targeted and precise.

It’s about education!

If you’re entrusting us with this journey, we want to help you understand why we are prescribing certain products and treatments and the benefits for you and your skin.

We want you to be able to make more informed decisions about your skincare.

No pushy sales tactics, no marketing hype, no non-sense!

Have you ever walked into a clinic for one thing and tried to be sold something completely different?

We want you to feel confident and comfortable that we are the clinic for you and not like you’ve been taken advantage of, or sold something that is of no benefit or irrelevant. We aren’t sales people – nor are driven by sales targets or tactics.

Skin Health Assessment

$99 | 1.5~ hours
100% redeemable when investing in 3 or more prescribed products on the day.

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Perhaps more in-depth and thorough than any other skin consultation you’ve experienced.

We want you to get the results you desire so we encourage you to come prepared – to ask questions and to answer questions – lots of them!

What’s included:

  • A comprehensive Skin Consultation form.
  • A very thorough and in-depth analysis of your skin.
  • Photos using Observ® – a skin diagnostic & imaging camera.
  • Education & awareness – we provide you with lots of information that will help you make more informed decisions about your skincare moving forward.

If you decide to proceed:

We don’t just hand you products and send you on your way. This is a commitment and journey we take together.

We will prepare your SkinPlan™ and home care products. Your SkinPlan™ provides all the information discussed in the consultation including how/when to use your prescribed products, plus lots more! Think of it as a starting guide and reference.

From here, we keep in touch with you and we encourage you to keep in touch with us. If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, please let us know.

Express Consultation

$49 | 30~ minutes
100% redeemable when investing in 3 or more prescribed products on the day.

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A brief consultation that includes a tailored program to help you maintain your skin in optimal health.

It’s quick, it’s simple – it’s for those with minimal concerns or simply wanting to maintain or improve overall skin health and integrity.

What’s included:

  • A brief Skin Consultation about your skin.
  • Photos using Observ® – a skin diagnostic & imaging camera.
  • Our best efforts to prescribe the right products based on limited information.

Due to the limited time, all clients seeking long-term skin correction and/or in-depth advice should opt for our Skin Health Assessment for the best outcomes.

The Express Consultation is not suitable for:

  • Clients with acne (especially chronic) or acne scarring.
  • Inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea.
  • Mild to Severe Pigmentation.
  • Clients wanting to undergo Skin Needling treatments.

Standard beauty and aesthetics training does not provide anywhere near sufficient knowledge to correctly diagnose many of the common skin conditions. This results in many therapists applying a simplistic, conventional approach of treating the symptoms rather than addressing their causes.

We focus on determining the causes of skin conditions so we can prescribe more appropriately targeted and considered interventions and treatments.

This is a truly professional and responsible approach to skincare.

Creating ‘real’, quality long-term results!