Skin Packages

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Great skin doesn’t come from just one facial, just like incredible fitness doesn’t come from just one gym session. It’s a journey.

If you’re committed to that journey, the results will be truly remarkable. But we also understand that quality skincare and skin management doesn’t always come cheap. For that reason, any package you purchase from us – whether it’s premade or custom – can be purchased over an extended period of time – from 3 to 12 months with equal fortnightly payments.

We are all about customisation!

Everything we do when it comes to skin can be customised – from your home care products to your in-clinic treatments. No other clinic in Bendigo has the ability to create ‘truly’ bespoke, 100% customised skincare solutions like us!

We have over 40 individual ingredients at our disposal. We make your cleansers, moisturisers and serums to suit your skin type and skin concerns so you can be sure it’s pure, active and potent.

Healthy Skin for Life Program

From $48.98* per week

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