Specialised Peels

We have a range of specialised, next-level peels to help you achieve your skin goals. From anti-aging, to pigmentation, acne and scarring, to uneven skin tone and texture.

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We offer a range of specialised peels that are much stronger and more aggressive than our entry level peels. We recommend discussing your options with our clinicians before booking one of these peels.

At a bare minimum, you must be using one of our Vitamin A products for at least 2-3 weeks prior to receiving the treatment. In some cases, a consultation may be required and/or you’ll need to undergo one or more Clinical Facials or Entry Level Peels to ensure suitability and to prepare the skin adequately.

Specialised Peels

You must be using one of our Vitamin A products for at least 2-3 weeks prior to booking any of these treatments. If you’re unsure of anything, please book a consultation or contact us to discuss your options.

skinbetter science® ProPeel – Level 2
$189 (45~ mins)

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SkinCeuticals MicroPeel – Level 2
$149 (45~ mins)

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SkinCeuticals Pigment Balancing Peel
$219 (55~ mins)

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Aspect Dr. Power Peel – Level 1
$149 (45~ mins)

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Aspect Dr. Power Peel – Level 2
$229 (45~ mins)

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We recommend a consultation prior to receiving any of our specialised peels. This ensures the best results.

At a minimum, you must be using one of our Vitamin A products for at least 2-3 weeks prior to prepare your skin for the treatment.

Avoid any form of hair removal or exfoliation 48 hours prior to treatment.

Avoid direct, prolong sun exposure prior to treatment. No peels can be performed on sunburnt or wind burnt skin.

If you have a history of cold sores, we recommend anti-viral medication (discuss with your medical professional if unsure).

Depending on the peel, you may experience mild to severe shedding of your skin for up to 14 days post treatment.

It is recommended to use a anti-oxidant serum and moisturiser several times a day.

Avoid strenuous exercise and swimming for at least 24 hours post peel, and ensure sunscreen is applied throughout the day.

Avoid waxing and exfoliation for at least 5-7 days post treatment or until the skin has normalised.

Specific post care will be discussed with you on the day as these can change slightly depending on the peel.

It will vary depending on your goals and concerns but generally a course of 3-6 treatments space 2-4 weeks apart will be required.

These peels are not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Allergy advice - some peels are not suitable for those with nut, seafood or aspirin allergies. If this is you, please contact us.

Whilst peels can deliver some incredible results on their own, these results vary from person to person. We can not provide any guarantees that a specific result will be achieved.

Your willingness to use and your consistency with home care products will play a big part in how quickly you achieve any results, and the quality of those results.

We recommend discussing your concerns with us during a clinical consultation. We can then tailor a solution specific to your goals and expectations.

What you should know about peels.

Peels are often abused and misused. In fact, we often consult with clients that have been “over peeled”, over-exfoliated, their skin is damaged, sensitised and overall just poorly cared for and managed.

FACT: stronger and more aggressive does not in anyway correlate to faster or better results. This common misconception will destroy your skin faster then you can say ‘chemical peel’.

Peels aren’t bad. In fact, they can deliver some incredible results very quickly and with minimal downtime when performed by a professional, but that doesn’t automatically make them a good option for you. Peels can cause significantly more harm than good if used under the wrong circumstances.

We are not in the business of destroying skin!

Not sure where to start?

Clinical Consultation + Facial
$199 (90 mins)

This is a consultation and Clinical Facial in one. You’ll be provided with a full home care prescription and in-clinic treatment recommendations, should you choose to continue your journey with us.

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