TCA Peels

TCA Peels resurface the skin helping to reduce and eliminate the signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, acne and scarring, pigmentation; and balance out uneven skin tone and texture.

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TCA Peels are generally well tolerated by most people and great for treating more serious and difficult skin concerns such as acne scarring, severe sun damage and ageing, and pigmentation which your basic AHA/BHA based peels simply can’t reach.

We currently have 4 levels of TCA Peels available – each getting progressively stronger and more aggressive as required, depending on the concerns we are targeting.

They are highly flexible and can often be combined with various other modalities such as Laser Genesis, Skin Needling and LED.

We can mix and match different levels to provide a highly targeted and specific approach to your concerns. Ie. we may apply Level 1 peels across your entire face but use Level 4 to spot treat pitted acne scarring.

Consultation Recommended
– Level 1 & 2

Consultation Required
– Level 3 & 4

A consultation may be required prior to treatment.

This helps to ensure the treatment is going to be safe, suitable and effective for you, and will achieve the best results possible.

TCA Peels – Level 1 and Level 2

Level 1 and 2 are generally very well tolerated by most people and don’t require any special preparation. We do recommend you consider a consultation and prescribed home care to ensure best results.

You can expect mild-moderate shedding of the skin for up to 7 days post treatment. The skin is likely to feel tight and dry so it’s important to keep a basic, fragrance free moisturiser close by. Vaseline (pure petroleum jelly) can be used if required.

TCA Peel – Level 1
$199 (30~ mins)

TCA Peel – Level 2
$249 (30~ mins)

Recommended Home Care

The following products are recommended pre and post treatment. Although they are not mandatory, they may help ensure the best results, reduce the risk of side effects and provide a more comfortable recovery.

  • Dermaceutic Mela Cream
  • Dermaceutic K Ceutic

TCA Peels – Level 3 and Level 4

Level 3 and Level 4 can not be received without a consultation and appropriate pre and post home care. This is critical to ensure a safe treatment, best results, and a comfortable recovery.

You can expect moderate-severe shedding of the skin for up to 7 days post treatment. The skin will likely feel very dry and tight so it’s crucial that you use the prescribed home care as instructed.

TCA Peel – Level 3
$299 (40~ mins)

TCA Peel – Level 4
$349 (40~ mins)

Required Home Care

The following products are required pre and post treatment. If you’re not prepared to purchase and use these products as prescribed, you will not be able to receive Level 3 or 4 treatments.

  • Dermaceutic Advanced Cleanser
  • Dermaceutic Mela Cream
  • Dermaceutic K Ceutic

Recommended Home Care

For best results, reduced risk of side-effects, and a more comfortable recovery we recommend the following:

  • Dermaceutic Advanced Cleanser
  • Dermaceutic Foamer 5 / 15
  • Dermaceutic Mela Cream
  • Dermaceutic C25 / 30
  • Dermaceutic K Ceutic

Frequently Asked Questions and Recommendations

We strongly recommend you consider a skin consultation prior to receiving any of our TCA Peels. This ensures you’re a good candidate for the peel, the best results possible and helps to avoid any adverse reactions and possible side effects.

Use the recommend/mandatory products as prescribed.

Avoid any form of hair removal or exfoliation 7 days prior to treatment.

Avoid direct, prolonged sun exposure prior to treatment. Peels can not be performed on sunburnt or wind burnt skin.

If you have a history of cold sores, we recommend anti-viral medication (discuss with your medical professional if unsure).

Specific post care will be discussed with you on the day as this can vary depending on the peel.

Depending on the peel, you may experience mild to severe shedding of your skin for 7 days post treatment.

Avoid strenuous exercise and swimming until the skin has normalised.

Sunscreen must be applied every day. Remain in doors at all time when reasonably possible. If you need to go outdoors, a wide brimmed hat should be worn at all time.

Avoid waxing and exfoliation treatments on the area for at least 14 days post treatment or until the skin has normalised.

Please pay close attention to and follow all aftercare advice/instructions provided to you on the day. Failure to do so could result in serious adverse reactions!

It will vary depending on what you are hoping to achieve. This can be discussed during your consultation.

These peels are not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Whilst peels can deliver some incredible results on their own, these results vary from person to person. We can not provide any guarantees that a specific result will be achieved.

Your willingness to use and your consistency with home care products (both pre and post treatment) will play a large part in how quickly you achieve any results, and the quality of those results.

We recommend discussing your concerns with us during a skin consultation. We can then tailor a solution specific to your goals and expectations.

What you need to know about peels!

Peels are often abused and misused. In fact, we often consult with clients that have been “over peeled”, over-exfoliated, their skin is damaged, sensitised and overall just poorly cared for.

FACT: stronger and more aggressive does not always mean faster or better results. This common misconception will destroy your skin faster than you can say ‘chemical peel’.

Peels aren’t bad. In fact, they can deliver some truly remarkable results and very quickly with minimal downtime, but that doesn’t automatically make them a good option for you. Peels can also cause significantly more harm than good if used under the wrong circumstances.

Also consult with a professional if you’re unsure!

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