Budget your skincare, health & wellbeing!

For as little as $10 per week, you’re next purchase could be completely paid for before you arrive in the clinic.


It’s incredibly simple!

We’ve designed StellarPay™ to be as simple and as straightforward as possible. It’s not a membership or a contract of any kind – so there are no complicated terms and conditions or credit checks.

It’s easy to understand and suitable for just about anyone!

Each week or fortnight on a day that suits you, we simply debit the amount you’ve requested from your nominated bank account or credit card. That amount gets allocated to your account as credit.

As you normally would, book your appointments and attend as scheduled. Upon completion of your appointment, we apply the credit accumulated to the total value of your appointment and/or any products you wish to purchase. If there’s a balance remaining, you simply pay the difference.

It’s that easy!


It’s all about budgeting!

Frequent smaller payments that contribute to a larger long-term cost can often be far easier to manage than paying a large upfront cost. Think about how popular Afterpay and zip have become!

StellarPay™ is flexible, customisable and we can tailor a payment plan specific to your individual wants and needs.

We can even stop the payments automatically when a specific amount is reached.

Step 1

Decide on an amount and payment frequency

Whether it’s $10 or $50*, work out an amount that fits your budget and how often you would like to pay.

We can assist with this by providing you weekly/fortnightly amounts based on what treatments you would like to receive.

Step 2

Complete the Direct Debit Authority

Once you’ve decided on an amount and payment frequency, it’s time to fill out the paperwork – the Direct Debit Authority. Don’t worry – it’s quick and easy!

This can be done in the clinic or the comfort of your own home.

Step 3

Direct Debit Approval

As soon as your sign the Direct Debit Authority, and providing all the information is accurate and correct – your account is active immediately.

It’s that easy!

How is this different to Afterpay or Zip?

We’re glad you asked!

Afterpay and Zip are undoubtedly two very popular payment options however, they don’t allow you to choose how much you want to pay or the frequency you want to pay it. Afterpay locks you in to a specific amount every fortnight and Zip requires minimum monthly payments, plus you’ll be charged a $6 fee for every month an amount is owing.

With StellarPay™, you choose the terms that best suit you and best of all, you don’t owe anyone any money!

If you plan it right (and we can help you do so), your entire appointment could be completely paid for ahead of time. Simply book online, attend as scheduled, and walk straight out afterwards.

We can even terminate the Direct Debit when a specific amount is reached – which is a great option for paying off treatment packages.

Simplicity & flexibility!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use StellarPay?

Anyone over the age of 18 can signup and use StellarPay.

Fees & Charges

The following fees and charges apply per transaction/debit from your nominated bank account or credit card:

  • $0.88 fee per transaction (debit) from your bank account.
  • $0.88 + 1.87% fee per transaction (debit) from your credit card.

Dishonour Fees

  • $5.50 per dishonoured transaction from a bank account
  • $5.50 per dishonoured transaction from a credit card.

What happens if a dishonour occurs?

You will receive a notification informing you of the dishonoured transaction. It is your responsibility to correct this issue as a matter of urgency. We will attempt ot contact you within a 1-2 business to confirm the issue has been resolved.

We will then attempt to debit the amount again.

If we are unable to contact you, we may terminate the agreement and any current appointments you have booked will be cancelled.

If the debit fails again (for a 2nd time), the agreement will be terminated and any and all current appointments will be cancelled immediately and no further bookings will be allowed until your account is up to date.


Any payments made under the StellarPay agreement are non-refundable and non-transferable. Credit will remain on your account until such time that you decide to use it.

If you decide you no longer want to continue or have no use for the credit on your account, we can convert that credit into a Gift Voucher for later use.

How do I get started?

You can visit the clinic in person and we complete the entire process within 5-10 minutes.

You’ll need your bank account or credit card details that you can enter into the Direct Debit Authority.

If you’d like to get started on your own, simply complete the following online form.

It’s quick and easy!

StellarPay Application

* Minimum $10 per week/$20 per fortnight, plus fees and charges as dictated by our Direct Debit Facilitator. These fees and charges are detailed above.